Tiffin Lunch

In India, “Tiffin” refers to a light meal eaten during lunchtime and traditionally comes with round shape. The word “tiffin” originated since the British established themselves in 18 th century and has evolved to create a new British Indian culture on its own.

Order Tiffin Lunch

“In Mumbai, food is cooked at home with care and love and is collected in late morning by carrier “dabbawalla” using bicycles or railway trains to deliver food to workplaces. In afternoon, you might see the “dabbawalla” riding their train cars, carrying back empty tiffin boxes and singing together after spending a day in filling stomachs.

Everyday more than 200,000 piping hot home cooked lunchboxes are delivered by tiffin wallahs to busy workers in Mumbai. Tiffin has become a culture in all over India. Everyone – from workers working 50 kilometres far away from home, women in traditional saris working in field to people in long train journeys – carries tiffin with full of love, healthy and divine contentment.”

To bring this rich culture tradition to England, particularly Matlock community, “Tiffin Lunch” is delivered every Wednesday to your door or workplace between 12pm – 2pm. Order can be made both online or phone call to restaurant by midnight Tuesday for delivery on a Wednesday.

Traditional “Tiffin box” with only £3.75 will consist of three tier stacked boxes. Each compartment will be filled with tasty dishes to delivered to your office in our dazzling Tiffin boxes.

Once you have unwrapped your box, it is a great way to share with your friends, colleagues, or enjoy all to yourself, safe in the knowledge that you are eating a balanced meal – a British Indian culture served in a box.